HPGL/Vector/Image Printer Out PloCon English

PloCon output PDF/HPGL/Image file to printer

  • ソフト名 :HPGL/Vector/Image Printer Out PloCon English
  • バージョン :11.0
  • ライセンス :シェアウェア
  • OS :Windows
  • 開発 :(有)イソプロテック

HPGL/Vector/Image Printer Out PloCon English ダウンロード

HPGL/Vector/Image Printer Out PloCon English詳細

PloCon reads HPGL/Vector/Image file continuously and outputs it to Windows printer. If there is PloCon, even if there is no expensive plotter, it can output to Windows printer efficiently in large quantities.
There are following functions.
It does not display.

(1) Paper and output scale
– Specify fixed form paper, and carry out automatic scaling so that paper size may be matched.
– Specify fixed form paper and output with designation scale.
– Select fixed form paper automatically with designation scale.
It is automatic selection about fixed form paper and direction of the optimal printer matched with drawing size which applied scale to drawing area.
(2) Output from interactive output and other applications.
(3) Color and width change of line, whole drawing black and white / color change, background color change, pen ON/OFF
(4) Vector font / TrueType font change of character font
(5) Multi-page correspondence
(6) Support to many input file formats
(7) Output mode
Automatic output mode
It will output, if specified output folder is supervised and HPGL/Vector/Image file enters in output folder, and HPGL/Vector/Image file after output is deleted automatically. When there is no drawing file, it waits until file comes.
Continuation output mode
The plural HPGL/Vector/Image files where it is entered into the output listing file where you designated is output continuously.
Step output mode
Wait for the next output instructions, after plural HPGL/Vector/Image files where it is entered into the output listing file where designated is output 1 file.

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