Excel de QC7tools

This is [ QC 7 tools ] which is common for resolving Quarity Control technique as "Excel template".

  • ソフト名 :Excel de QC7tools
  • バージョン :2.13
  • ライセンス :シェアウェア:4,968円
  • OS :Windows
  • 開発 :ウィステリア


Excel de QC7tools詳細

In [ Excel de QC7tools ] for [ Pareto diagram ] , [ Characteristic diagram ], [ Graph ] , [ Check sheet ] , [ Scatter graph ] , [ Histogram ] , [ Chart ] into 24 sheets.
Setting "A4" size of paper, easy to submit and distribute the operation like input data, total and making graph.
Only input the data, you can make the practical document easily without special knowledge about Q
Also, [ Excel de QC7tools ] are made as a Excel sheet. You don’t need to learn difficult operation for handling like special software.
You can carry on the operation imagining complete image with sample data.
It can correspond to put together the daily collected date , "QC circle" and "KAIZEN" activities.
It can be expected to QC education material on your office.
Helpful for the preparation of "System administrator licensing examination" , "QC licensing examination " and "etc.".


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