Meadow Win32 Alphaバイナリパッケージ

Mule for Windows後継のエディタ

  • ソフト名 :Meadow Win32 Alphaバイナリパッケージ
  • バージョン :1.10
  • ライセンス :GPL
  • OS :Windows
  • 開発 :宮下 尚


Meadow Win32 Alphaバイナリパッケージ詳細

Meadow is multilingual enhancement to gnu Emacs that is runnable on
Windows95/NT. It is based on GNU Emacs 20.x currently. I plan to
extend many features to Meadow. Thus, Meadow may change from original GNU
Emacs, maybe or not maybe. 🙂

3.1..General features.

3.1.1…. w32-system-coding-system.

To this variable, you must set the coding system that is sent to
Windows operating system. It is used for encoding menu strings,
fontname strings, title bar strings, and so on.

3.1.2…. (Meadow-version)

You can retrieve the version strings of the Meadow.

3.1.3…. (w32-set-modifier-key KEY MODIFIER)

You can set modifier keys by this function.
Please read documentation strings.

3.1.4…. Console Mode and Terminal Mode

You can use Win32 console, by adding option `-nw’ and
you must set TERM environment variable to `CMD’.
MeadowNT -nw or Meadow95 -nw

You can’t use IME on console mode on Windows95.

Or you can use terminal mode with adequate telnet service.
You must prepare `termcap’ file. For example when you put termcap c:\,

set TERMCAP=c:\termcap
set TERM=vt100 (Set your terminal ID.)
MeadowNT -nw or Meadow95 -nw

You can’t use IME on terminal mode.

3.1.5…. Mouse features.

Meadow is aware of 3button mouse including IntelliMouse.
Buttons can be remapped by these variables.


These indicates button number that is sent to Meadow when
left, middle, or right buttons are pressed or depressed respectively.

When IntelliMouse wheel is rotated, Meadow receives an event as shown

(mouse-wheel1 ([WINDOW | FRAME] POSITION (X . Y) TIME DELTA))


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