DeZkTop for NT


  • ソフト名 :DeZkTop for NT
  • バージョン :1.8b
  • ライセンス :シェアウェア:$8(US)
  • OS :Windows
  • 開発 :John Rennie


DeZkTop for NT詳細

DeZkTop is a program launcher, that is an application which starts other
applications. The program launcher most Windows users will be familiar with is
the Program Manager, but DeZkTop offers many more facilities than Program
Manager and is easier and more convenient to use, not to mention being far
more elegant.

This section will get you started with DeZkTop and summarise the features it
offers. The next sections describe how to use it in greater detail.

Note that DeZkTop is a Windows 3.1 program. It will not run under Windows
3.0. It should however run under future versions of Windows and there is a
version for Windows NT.


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